I am an artist and mother living in Brightlingsea, Essex.

When I was at school I had to take my O'level options and had to make a choice between Art and Biology as the school timetable wouldn't allow both options to be taken. I chose Biology, which was the right option at the time. I've had lots of interesting jobs in science. In the evenings, I would go to evening classes in subjects such as art, upholstery, creative textiles, freehand embroidery with a sewing machine, soft furnishings, upholstery. In those evening classes I came alive and could have created, painted and stitched all night long!!

I like to paint pretty pictures inspired by beautiful flowers and butterflies. I like lots of colours and working in an abstract sort of way with mostly acrylic paints. I like acrylic paints because the colours are very vibrant, you can paint with them in a variety of ways and because they dry quickly, you can build up lots of layers quite quickly.

I love art....I love to create new work and experiment. It makes me feel alive and happy and this makes me a better person. Painting for me is a kind of therapy and meditation, I feel at peace, happy, contented and all is well in my world when I am creating. The pictures are experimental and its a wonderful surprise to see how they turn out. My art work is painted and created and infused with love, it brings me joy and I would like to pass that on to you, dear reader, and share the love.


  1. It is great,Laura. I am sure you are accomplishing your dream. Sincere congratulations.